Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitchen Uh-Oh...What To Do? is a sneak peek at my new kitchen.

But then here is how it looks with the range hood light...ON.

Uh, see it?  The wavy, nearly basket-weave look?  Yeah.  Great tile job, eh?  See how many of the tiles "sink" on the right side.  Oh, and some on the left.    AND...several tiles already have cracks in them!  This job is only about 2 months old.  What should I do? 

Hairline cracks in this pic are just left of center.

Where the tiles are is where we tore out a window.  The hole was filled with plywood.  When the contractor came by to bid on the tile job, he had no problem with our "wall."  (Sheet rock on the left and the plywood, used to be window on the right.)  He said he would level it and there wouldn't be a problem.

Now these few weeks later - obviously, there is a problem!  To take the cake, we hired the top guy in our area off of Angie's List!  We paid more than we should have because of his ratings.  This is certainly annoying to me.  *sigh*

What should I do?  Wait, I already asked that.  *smiles*  But really...any ideas?

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Music Link

Has it SERIOUSLY been over a MONTH since I've been blogged!?  Could it be the new house, self-induced concussion or Thanksgiving that slowed me down?  Put 'em all together and, yeah.

But to make up for it, here's something FREE for you! 

Look what I discovered while hangin' out on the world wide web today....a Christmas music link!

You can buy Josh's CDs at  Nice!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthing Pumpkin - Is this creatively cute or imaginatively innappropriate?

Yes it's Halloween time, and there are lots of cute pumpkiny-fall things out there.  We're not big into Halloween at our house, and with a move there's not even a pumpkin peaking around my porch!  Horror!  *winks*

My cousin had this pic up on his Facebook and I just had to steal it.  Being a mom who obviously has given birth, this just struck me.  Honestly, I couldn't decide if it was hilarious or horrible? 

At first I looked closer to figure it out what it was.  Then I giggled.  Then I said, "Ew, uhmmmm.?" with my eyebrows raised, nosed crinkled.

Gotta give props for being "one of a kind" to the creator(s) of this lady-kin.

What do you think?  Please, leave me a post with your reaction.  I'd love to see if you're laughing or loathing.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

After hours of pouring over the internet looking for kitchen are some of my favorites!  Our newly remodeled kitchen has some finishing touches still needed - oh, and most importantly, it must be lived in!  *smiles*

Vintage.  White and grey.  Wood.  Stainless.  Industrial.

Hope you enjoy these pics, AND you get a general idea of what MY new kitchen looks like!  (To a more homey and budget scale, naturally.)
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Heavenly Child

My Heaven baby was due this week.  Today I'm remembering and missing my baby.  I don't think you ever get over losing an unborn, no matter how far along you were. 

I'm remembering the positive pregnancy test, how I told Daddy, the belly pics on the beach in Hawaii, the nausea, when the bleeding started and then that dreaded moment when the doctor kept looking, and kept looking at the ultrasound.  The silence, the polite facial expression.  Evidence, without words, that my baby was in Heaven.

I got to "hold" my baby for 12 weeks.  Now Jesus will hold this child until I get to meet them in Heaven.  A great place to wait, don't ya think?

I love you, my little unborn, my Heaven child.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some New Site Discoveries

During our new house remodel, I have basically been away from the internet.  Too busy with contractors, color and style schemes, I sadly gave up the blog/online world.  But, now after packing up more dishes, I've had a few moments to sit and surf!

Look at some of the sites I've discovered in the last 15 minutes...

Awesome ways to personalize that wonderful, awful IKEA furniture!  I'm always wanting better quality, but always loving their prices.  Do I hear an, "Amen!" out there?  *smiles*  Between and rock and a hard place here.  (Vintage or antique, honestly, is so much better.)

And this cute kids decor and accessories site.

And this clothing company we've just found...


Top - from H&M
Long-sleeved top with printed design and appliqué at front and a roll-edge neckline.


Scarf - from H&M
Knit scarf with stuffed animal head on one end.

Anyway, it's impressive how a few minutes online will get your imagination and creative juices flowin'!

Maybe these sites are old news to you - but for me - inspiration.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reason for my silence...

We bought a new home! 

That's right - we'll it's not new, new - about 20 years old.  But it's new and lovely to us.

Remodeling is weeeeell under way.  Instead of stretching things out over the next few years, we decided to get it all done NOW!  *whew*  (Except for the master bath, that we'll have to wait on for a little bit.)

There are so many little details I didn't even know I had to think through!

God has led us to some wonderful craftsmen who do lovely work at good prices - we were even able to squeeze into our budget crown moulding in the entire downstairs, bead board in the breakfast room, laundry room built ins, window seats upstairs AND built in shelving in the reading nook!  Uh huh, affordable.  SUCH a huge blessing, and a it leaves me EXCITED to move in!

I have been taking pictures, just forgot to bring my card reader today.

As I have time I'll begin posting pictures of the remodel soon.

Did I mention the house sits on just over 2 acres?  *smiles*
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sippy Cup Product Review

For the most part, the majority of sippy cups claim to be spill proof. 
We've tried all of the above...literally!  *winks*  And ya know what? 
They all leak! 
All over the car seat or car floor, in the crib, the playroom rug, etc.

Totally by accident I stumbled upon a cup that lives up to it's advertising!

Mommy had finally had enough of bottles.  Granted they only came out at nap and bedtime, but it was time they were gone!  For two weeks I "prepped" my little girl that one day the bottles would have to go "bye bye."  That day came.  She hugged and kissed her night-night bottle and then was happy to accept her new Pooh sippy cup, to be used only at naps and for night-night.  (Whew!  Thank You, Jesus!)

Walking through the cup isle at Wal-Mart this was the only Pooh sippy I could find that day.  She's NOT "into" Dora or Disney Princesses so Pooh was my natural choice.  Leary of having ANOTHER leaky cup in her crib I watched this one carefully.  Miracle of miracles - not a drip spilled all night long! 

Lots of shaking and turning up-side-down and the like has gone into my opinion.  

So...stop spending your money on trying sippy cup after sippy cup....

 The Playtex Twist n' Click rises above all others!

You can buy this cup insulated or just regular plastic.  We have both.

So there you have my advise.  Cups are spendy.  Some kids are picky.  It costs a lot to keep trying and failing.  We have finally found one that makes Mommy and Baby happy!  (The price is still too high for little plastic cups I think, but they all are!)

If your kid prefers a straw, there is also that option available!  Neat!

Product Overview:
The Insulator - with the Twist 'n Click feature - simply twist the lid on the cup until you hear and feel the lid click closed, then you'll know the cup is 100% leak-proof. Designed For Baby:-Thin, tapered spout is ideal for little mouths-Insulated to keep drinks cool and fresh longer-Easy to activate - liquid flows easily when child sips-Stage 3-12+ months Designed For Mom:-Durable cup is 100% break proof-Lid is interchangeable with all Playtex Twist 'n Click cups-All parts are dishwasher safe-Patented spill-proof valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean 9 oz Cup

For the Disney Princess Insulated Cup...
<a href="'n-Click-Spout-Cup%252CDisney-Princess%252C-9-oz.html%26prodid%3D10694%26cvsfhu%3D3130363934&usg=AFHzDLtydX67xpclVkuQr1Y6PsYTQqJ4Yg&pubid=21000000000391365"><img src=">

For the Disney Cars Insulated Cup...
<a href="'n-Click-9-oz-Cup%252C-Disney-Cars.html%26prodid%3D7543%26cvsfhu%

**I was in no way compensated for this review.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Stackable Mugs

I just love 'em!  They're classy yet whimsy. 
World Market carries this set.
They add just the pop of color I want in my kitchen - the walls and tiles are so neutral.
Sitting next to my husband's older version Keurig machine,
they hold exactly the right amount of coffee or tea!

The mugs were a gift that I was thrilled to received.
Do YOU have a favorite cup or mug?

My silence the past few days is due to the fact that I was out of town for a friend's wedding.  Several post ideas are floating in my head.  I'll be back soon!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Husband Clearance

Here's what happens when your husband stops by the grocery store...and wanders through the clearance isle.  Uh huh - 9 boxes of gluten free cookie mix.  Yes, they WERE 50% off.  But now what? 

My creative husband has discovered that sugar cookie dough makes for a marvelous cobbler topping, so that's what we're SUPPOSED to do with at least half of these boxes, so I'm told.  *smiles*  (You can use homemade, or the dough that comes pre-made in the tube!) 

So the top shelf in my pantry is now lined with these boxes.  A reminder of my man's thriftiness...just like all those canned goods on the OTHER side of the pantry.  *winks*
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kipper the Dog 2nd Birthday Party

Planning a feminine puppy party is no simple feat lemme tell ya!  Here's my best shot - and it was fun. 

(I have edited out my daughter's name in several of the pictures.  If there appears to be a "blank" spot in some of the decorating...there is...but only in the pic!)


On the front door, this wreath welcomed our guests.  It took forever to curl that much ribbon, but I like the outcome. 

The cake was ordered from an awesome local bakery.  Unfortunately, there was a mix-up about the colors so when the cake arrived I was shocked to see coloring more along the "neon" lines than pale or pastel!  And instead of pale teal, there was blue!  *sigh*  It still tasted great. 

And the coloring ended up working just fine with the entry table...

The "Doggie Bags" were the take home favors for the kids.  Here's what was in 'em...

I put my daughter's picture at the front of a cellophane bag with the other goodies behind.  "With love and thanks" was written on the picture (designed quickly in Power Point and printed at Wal-Mart) and made for a great "Thank You" card.  (Stickers, bracelet, Fruit Leather and dog bone candy were included in the Doggie Bag.  Bone Cup and Bubbles were given out separately.)

Stretch Island Fruit Leather is kept on hand in my pantry.  We get it at Costco.  The dog bone individually packaged candies and stickers were from Oriental Trading Co. with the dog bone cups bought off of Amazon. 

The take home treat for the adults came in the form of this fun lollipop!  Also thanks to Oriental Trading Co.  Instead of using a letter for a monogram, I had them print the number "2" with her name underneath.  They turned out exactly as I had imagined.

The printable water bottle labels cost about $20.00 for 100 of 'em and they're not even water proof!  My husband actually had the idea of using the wider ribbon instead!  Cheaper AND it held up to the sweating bottles.  I whipped out my scissors and a glue gun and these were done quickly!

I affixed a floral wreath upside down, to the light fixture over our dining room table.  Then, hung this sign above the food!  Target had these great dry erase (double sided!) boards and strips in their dollar bin.

Pink and white marshmallows nod to the outer space "Bleeper People" from the Kipper show.  Iced shortbread cookies are one of my all-time favorites!

Who can resist puppy chow?  Yummy goodness.

Having big, awkward bags of chips just tossed on a table can be tacky at a "nice" party.  The table was quite full and didn't exactly have room for more bowls.  Instead, this basket housed the rolled-down chip bags nicely.

Strangely, I stumbled upon this nifty idea!  I made a magnet board full of pictures of our daughter - birth to 2 years.  The cut-out flowers I hot glued on the back of a basic round magnet (found at any craft store) and just "stuck" the magnet in the middle of the baking cup!  Just the little touch of color and creativity I was looking for.  (I also made a couple baking cup garlands which are not shown.)

Because we have chosen to be gluten, sugar and dairy free...all the time for our daughter, and some of the time for's hard to find a "cake" she can eat!  (Last year we left out the whole "get all messy with the cake" thing and instead she had half of an avocado with a birthday candle.  *grins*) 

This year, I discovered and apple cinnamon muffin mix that fit our "standards."  She was thrilled to have her own special cake - with blueberries and strawberries on top. 

Thanks for celebrating our daughter's 2nd birthday with us!  Glad you could come. 

We have been blessed.

*All printables were designed by WithLoveGreetings found over at Etsy.  She was so easy to work with and helped me out with a last minute invite!

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What Could It Be? And a Sneak Peek.

We are refinishing a Goodwill find.  Hopefully it will be done in just a couple of weeks - there are two pieces, one is ready for staining.  Even our daughter decided she should help out...after all, it IS for HER!  *smiles*  Now, it's a family project.

Here's a sneak peek from the birthday party post which is coming soon.  (Still editing out names, etc.)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Is The Way We Post

Above you see a picture of the boxes which recently were mailed from my home.  Nothing uniform about 'em.  In fact, I think my husband was quite embarrassed hauling the potty chair box into the Post Office!  But hey, those boxes are what we had on hand.  And we got a good laugh out of it.  (The potty box was headed to a family with three little ones, so I knew they would understand.)

This is the way my in-laws have ALWAYS mailed things...letters, name it!  (This box was covered front AND back.)  My husband's side of the family has a few avid stamp collectors who well, collect great stamps!  Imagine my surprise when I opened up one of my magazines (Which one?  Uhm...Country Living maybe?) and saw them suggest the same thing!

Oh and a note to the Postal Service - not ONE of the stamps had been cancelled on the above pictured package.  NOW what am I supposed to do?  Re-use them or trash em?  Moral dilemma.  *smiles*

My daughter's birthday invitation last year was mailed out in a similar fashion...

So, this is the way we post things around here.  It's good to take a common task, such as mailing a letter, and add a twist to make it fun!  Be silly by using a diaper box to mail something to your brother or stick a page full of 2 cent stamps on an envelope.  Yes, there are times to be very tasteful and send packages full of tactfulness.  But hey...lighten up a little and enjoy a basic task for a change.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just stumbled upon this over at Texas Tanners and thought I'd share it with everyone.  It's a printable!

As a stay at home mom, I put this level of perfection and expectation on myself.  Since my job is AT home, FROM home and IN my home, my home should be the epitome of cleanliness and order at all times.  NOT!  (Thanks to my husband who is helping me see this lie more clearly.  Love you, Babe.)

Yeah, you might walk in my house and find everything sparkling clean like the Cleaver's home thiiiiis time, but the neeeext time you drop in - look out!  Piles here, projects there.  Toys spread about.  Laundry covering the "cutch" as my little one calls it.  Dirty dishes in the sink with supper on 'em.  It's sometimes tidy, sometimes not.  It's called L-I-F-E.  Now, I'm to do my best.  But I'm also am not supposed to beat myself up everytime I go to bed with folded clothes to be put away, floors that didn't get swept and the cat box that should have been changed last week! is a balancing act.

We LIVE in our home.  We're not a magazine family who drops our kids off at school/daycare at 7 AM in the morning, parents then heading to our respective offices for the day leaving behind a picture perfect, stylish city flat we won't see again 'til after a restaraunt supper and that'll be around oh, 7 PM.  It's not take-out Chinese and Central Park on the weekends.  We live all day and all night in our house.  (I am not trying to be-little or pick on anyone who does lead a similar lifestyle as the above mentioned.  It's just 

Yes, yes, we do eat out - more often than we should.  We take walks and go to the park.  We go shopping, also more than we should.  But my point is - we are the "lived in" kind of people.  Not pristine.

SO, based on this my home will never be magazine cover quality.  And, I'm learning to be OK with that.  We are a FAMILY.  We love our home.  We love our things and we're bargain hunters - with that comes storage issues!  We enjoy kids, and people with kids.  We like getting wet/muddy in our own backyard and bringing a bit of it inside.

I don't want my children growing up with a false sense of their mother's perfection, nor do I want them thinking that they have to be perfect (or have to pretend that they are.)  Instead, may my house be filled with LOVE, GRACE, TRUTH and above all CHRIST.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snapware Glasslock Review - Farewell plastic!

In trying to become more "natural" or "green" or "health conscious," whatever you want to call it, I'm trying to use less plastic and more glass.  Now if someone will only come out with a breakage-free glass kiddy snack container! 

My husband just bought these glass storage containers for me at our Costco.  They were a whopping $23 for the entire set!  9 containers with matching snap-on lids!  I'd seen a similar set at Sam's, but the price was the same for about half as many pieces.

They're by Snapware.  And are stamped, "Made in Korea."  If you don't have a Costco in your area or don't have a membership, there are other places the Snapware Glasslock pieces are available.

Try Ebay such as here...
Or Target online here...
Sears online even carries them here...
And see Amazon's listing here...

None of their prices are as good as the one at Costco, but maybe there will be a bargain, coupon, sale or in store option for you!  *smiles*

The lids on the babies seal tightly, so tightly in fact that the inner seal tends to come apart from time to time.

That's the only drawback I see.  But for the Costco price and for what you get - I can deal with this!  Actually, it's good for washing when food goo gets all over.

They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  Great for cooking then storing in the fridge!  I like the fact that I can take them from the fridge, pop off the lid and head to the microwave or oven and warm up my daughter's meals!  I always worry about warming things up in the microwave in plastics, then again, I use the stove top as often as possible.  (I've actually moved the microwave into a hall closet off of the kitchen so access is more difficult!)  The fewer waves of micro that enter my child's food the better!  *winks*  

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