Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cherries and Pooh


While watching Winnie the Pooh with my little one today (after we had vacuumed the whole house, yes we,) I had a sudden urge to grab the bag of cherries from our fridge.  I followed that urge. 

Next, I found myself back on the couch with my nearly two year old baby girl cuddled next to me.  I would take a bite from a cherry, toss the seed into a bowl and give her the other half.  Quickly, she'd chew it up then sign and say, "more."  We were eating cherries together, watching Pooh together and completely enjoying each other's company.  A sense came over me - completeness, peace.

In that moment I realize just how special our bond was.  Up 'til now, she'd been my baby.  But from here on out, she was a girl.  (Ok, Sweetie, remember that big girls don't drink from a bottle!)  Every time I look at her face I will always see a beautiful tiny baby.  But today, she became my daughter.

Growing up, wearing pink and red together was totally a fashion "no-no."  Now, any color combo seems to go.  So you never know when two unlikely things will go together and bring about a special moment for you and your child.

Today, it was cherries and Pooh.

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