Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Topiaries

So my friend and I were happily strolling through a fancy shop in the quaint, historic part of her town and we spied these amazing topiaries.  At about $65 retail price, I was shocked.  My friend mentioned how easy it would be to make them.  And of course, I agreed.  *smiles*

I'd been wanting to find something tall and "natural" for the dresser in our master bedroom.  The topiaries were the perfect idea!  I decided that I didn't like the clay pot look, and used some chalkboard paint I had purchased earlier.

A run to Hobby Lobby, a quick stroll around my backyard and voila!

(If you wait until each item goes on their 50% off sale, you can make these topiaries for about $6.50 each.  MUCHO cheaper than $65 per green thing.  Yes!)

Looks navy blue when you open the can!

One coat, with a foam brush, was all I needed.

I opted for the pre-made greenery balls.
There really wasn't much of a price difference.
You could make your own for a more custom look.

One package of moss covered the tops of all 3 pots.

Chalk markers, or pens, are simply amazing.
Favorite new find.

I can write whatever words I'd like - seasonal, some special note, etc.

Standing tall on the dresser.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Gun Cabinet to Jewelry Hutch

Habitat for Humanity has a great store not far from our house.  One time we just "stopped in" and this is what I fell in love was only $25.

This cabinet was supposed to be for a spot in our guest bath, but at some point an idea jumped into my head...a jewelry hutch!  For years and years I've been trying to come up with some way to store ALL of my accessories in one place.  The jewelry chest my husband bought me a few years ago was nice, but all my chunky vintage pieces well, they didn't fit.  So I had the jewelry chest, and a hanging bag and a pile, and then another hanging bag...all in the same closet!  Nothing I have is valuable, so it's not like I needed a way to keep things "safe," but a way to keep all my pieces in one place would change my life!  *winks*

Original Hinges

Gun rack and support for old shelving.

DIY Chalk Paint via I Heart Nap Time
Paint will be very thick, keep stirring!

I just loved the swirls!  *smiles*

I chose a $3 Oops! paint for my shelf color.
(More coral than peach in person.)

The Vaseline trick via really works!

With the Vaseline, paint just wiped right off.  
(I did use a chisel to scrape off the old white paint in the places I wanted that chippy look,
so the  natural wood underneath would show through too!)

A good soak in hot, soapy Dawn helped the old paint peel off!

Hobby Lobby and their 50% off hooks afforded me a great vintage style look.

My husband is so handy.  He's helped me with every project I've ever wanted to do.  He's full of marvelous ideas.  *pats husband on back*  He knocked out the gun rack and extra shelf supports.  Put in another board on top for screwing the cabinet into the wall and well, everything!

Here's the finished product...I'm in LOVE with it!

My husband hung this massive cabinet on the wall - top hooks I can just reach.
An insane amount of bling fits in here!
(I will stack more of the wonderful bamboo cases on the 2nd shelf - after I go back to get more!)
When all my "jewels" are displayed, it's amazing!  *smiles*

Wood Block frame I made here holds a vintage Scripture found in an old house.
Hands business card holder serves as a great cocktail ring holder!

IKEA paper towel holder for bracelets - was on sale for .50 cents!

Oatmeal box  - headbands fit great!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Product Review - Shout Color Catcher

About two years ago, I took moooost of a quilting class with a friend at her church.  *BIG grin*  There, the ladies introduced me to an amazing laundry tool - Shout Color Catcher.
Shout Color Catcher Dye-Trapping, In-Wash Cloths - 24 ea
After ruining a new red and white striped rug, an newly made quilt, a few baby clothes and the like, I grabbed on to these Color Catchers.

The size of a dryer sheet, you simply toss a Color Catcher into the wash and it literally catches the colors as they run.  Colors run onto this sheet instead of onto your clothes.  It's simply wonderful.  This product works.

Now, when I wash a new garment for the first time or washing something old or super nice (if I'm worried about the colors running) instead of washing it alone and wasting all that time, water and energy, I merely toss in a Color Catcher and wash a full load!

Five outta Five is what I give the Shout Color Catcher.  My stamp of approval for sure.  Try it.

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*I was not paid to give this review.  I did not receive product to review.*
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