Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday Party - Revisited

Here are pics from my daughter's birthday party last year.  We went all out.  Worked too hard.  Made lots of memories.  Celebrated LIFE with friends.

I was a bit overwhelmed, and asked a couple people to bring some food - cookies, chips and homemade salsa.  We also borrowed a friend's snow cone machine!  That was a great hit and helped cool things down in the summer heat!  On the grill my husband cooked up sausage, chicken kabobs and corn on the cob!  Some boys we know made balloon animals for anybody who would ask.

*Not pictured are the ribbon wands I made for the kiddos as well as the tent and photo op station in the yard.  Lots more decor too!*

My cousin and a young friend spent the night with us to help decorate and prep food.  SO glad they came.

Our invitations were designed by GoodFrau.  She was great to work with!

Most of the paper decor was designed and made by JoosyCardCo.

Entry welcome.

Party favors for the kids - an apple, honey stick, pin wheel and bubbles.
Party favors for the adults - cake pops!  Made by my cousin.
Party hats - I made most of them, but my cousin helped as well!  Thanks to the idea from Martha Stewart.

We tried for some healthy options. 
(Butterfly picks were nabbed on clearance from Pier 1!)

Cupcakes from a local bakery.
Drink display.
Flower pots were scrubbed clean, and turned into a nifty straw holder!
I tore apart some greenery, and added these colorful balls to the flower centerpieces.  A fun, unexpected "pop" of color!
It was a "Onederful" party indeed!
This year, I promised myself (AND my husband) that we wouldn't get quite as creative.  We'll have to see.  *BIG grin*
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