Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Owl's Message

So I walked over to my kitchen sink to start some dinner prep and I was met with this little message that made my night!  And YES, it naturally happened!

Sometimes you just need a little, yellow timer-owl (ok, Azaleas) to make you smile.

Reminds me of Charlotte's Web.  *winks*
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Product Review - Trader Joe's Freeze Dried Blueberries

via Trader Joe's

So, I'm new to Trader Joe's.  Everyone has always ranted and raved about Trader Joe's.  So, I went and tried a few things.

Here's one of my first experiences with one of Trader Joe's products...

Yup - you see that correctly.  (The coin in a quarter.)  That BIG bag with literally and handful of 
freeze dried blueberries.  I felt jipped - tricked - fooled.  

Please Trader Joe's, either increase the amount of blueberries in the bag, or make the bag smaller.  
Thank you.

P.S.  Taste and quality were great!  My daughter loves them.

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