Thursday, January 17, 2013

15 Minute Wreath

With all my Christmas decor coming down, I wanted something pretty to put on my front door.  My time is SO short these days with organizing projects, child rearing/educating, going to the gym, being a loving wife, still recovering from my head injury, yadda yadda.

I needed a simple wreath that I can add more to later...when I have the time.  And here is I what I scrounged up from my crafting shelf full of this and that...

Wreath was a Goodwill find, un-decorated and cheap!
It was just sitting on my craft shelf waiting to be used.

Leftover flowers I'd pulled from another Goodwill (UGLY!) wreath.
I just tucked the stems inside.

Bits of burlap, twine and mini-clothes pins leftover from this wreath.
I attached the twine to the wreath with wire.

Amazing chevron print burlap ribbon left over from yet another project!
I just tied a bow, used a bit of wire to add a little flounce and cut ends to desired length.

This wreath literally jumped together in about 15 minutes.

And there's room left for me to add a cute Valentine's heart or anything else.  At least my door is dressed and it's no longer Christmas-y.  I'm happy with my 15 Minute Wreath - it makes me smile.
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