Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snapware Glasslock Review - Farewell plastic!

In trying to become more "natural" or "green" or "health conscious," whatever you want to call it, I'm trying to use less plastic and more glass.  Now if someone will only come out with a breakage-free glass kiddy snack container! 

My husband just bought these glass storage containers for me at our Costco.  They were a whopping $23 for the entire set!  9 containers with matching snap-on lids!  I'd seen a similar set at Sam's, but the price was the same for about half as many pieces.

They're by Snapware.  And are stamped, "Made in Korea."  If you don't have a Costco in your area or don't have a membership, there are other places the Snapware Glasslock pieces are available.

Try Ebay such as here...
Or Target online here...
Sears online even carries them here...
And see Amazon's listing here...

None of their prices are as good as the one at Costco, but maybe there will be a bargain, coupon, sale or in store option for you!  *smiles*

The lids on the babies seal tightly, so tightly in fact that the inner seal tends to come apart from time to time.

That's the only drawback I see.  But for the Costco price and for what you get - I can deal with this!  Actually, it's good for washing when food goo gets all over.

They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  Great for cooking then storing in the fridge!  I like the fact that I can take them from the fridge, pop off the lid and head to the microwave or oven and warm up my daughter's meals!  I always worry about warming things up in the microwave in plastics, then again, I use the stove top as often as possible.  (I've actually moved the microwave into a hall closet off of the kitchen so access is more difficult!)  The fewer waves of micro that enter my child's food the better!  *winks*  

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Dresses....for mucho less!

I know that I recently posted about some of my Goodwill finds.  But hey, I just HAD to show you more...

Here's a dress I picked up at Goodwill last week, it's from Phoebe Couture.  Waaaaay cheaper than Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, eh?  At first sight I thought this was a vintage piece, then upon inspecting the tag realized it was new!  Also, the size had been cut out, which made me feel even better - is it a 6, 8, 10, 12?  I'll go with the 6.  *winks*

Now, to lose 5 lbs. (or more!) so things aren't so shapely in the rear.  I can do that in a month, right?  A friend's rehearsal dinner is coming in a few weeks.

No cleavage from this scoop neck, marvelous! 
Dress doesn't drape well on the hanger, much better on!

Their tags are so pretty.
Great beading - well secured.

Matching detail around the hem and sleeves.

My mom and I went garage saling the other weekend and found this dress for my daughter!

Yes, it's a Strasburg.  Any guesses as to the price?  *drum roll*  $7.50!  Yes, seven dollars and fifty cents.  It needs a bit of hemming but other than that it should fit wonderfully for the wedding next month.  I've always loved the Strasburg dresses, and we all know how pricey that can be.  I can afford $7.50 with a huge smile on my face.  Thanks, Lord for a super find!

And there you have it!  From my research, I would estimate the new purchase value of the dresses combined to be in the $300 range.  Wow. 

I spent - $9.99 + tax and $7.50 - BOTH dresses for under $20!  Now, I'd say that's a bargain AND a gift from Above!
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