Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review - Toddler Toilet Fun & Potty Doll

When remodeling, there are always pieces of "things" laying around.  My daughter found 2 pieces of pipe and put them together making her OWN toilet paper holder.

All dolls and stuffed animals are subject to potty time too!

Her piggy bank running over, my sweet baby girl and her Daddy went off to Wal-Mart to buy her something special.  She chose a "pee pee baby!"   (Search though I may, I cannot find THIS exact set online!  Perhaps your local Wal-Mart still has this doll in stock - similar sets by Baby Boutique are available - such as this one for $11.47.)  And don't forget, Wal-Mart typically will ship from online to a store for free!

All drink and wet dolls are alike - the water runs through them faster than you can get them on the potty!  We have taken to putting a towel on the floor during potty play time.  

This particular baby has a bit of an issue getting fed.  The bottle is hard for a child to place inside the hole in its mouth.  Good for hand-eye practice and a patience exercise, but my daughter was quickly frustrated.

The potty and bib had the Baby Boutique STICKERS on them!  Duh - once they got wet they started bubbling up and peeling.  Gonna have to get Goo-Gone or rubbing alcohol after it!

Truthfully, this doll is on the not-so-cute side, but she ain't ugly.  (There's this trend right now - seeing how ugly companies can make those baby dolls.  *winks*)

For the price, this is a good toy.  Overall, I'd give it 3 outta 5 stars.

When potty training, you really should invest in a "pee pee" doll.  My daughter was able to grasp the concept  of "liquid in, liquid out" quickly - because of the doll. 
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