Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Product Review - Duncan Hines Frosting Creations

Even amid the cupcake hype the last few years, we're not big cupcake people.  
Not that we don't like them, just I haven't gotten into making them.  
This was my daughter's first cupcake experience and I wanted to make it extra fun.  
So, I decided to try Duncan Hines new Frosting Creations in the Cotton Candy flavor!  (Also, I wanted blue frosting to match a color scheme (another post soon!)  and it was the only blue!  *smiles*)

Here's what it looks like when you pull of the foil seal.  White frosting.  
And what's it taste like?  Well, honestly, a hint of sweet Crisco.  *eek*

According to the package directions, 
we dug a big hole straight down the center of the frosting canister.

Next, my daughter poured the flavor pouch into the hole.  
**Warning, the blue color stained the white grout on my Grandma's table!**

Stir, stir, stir!  
Even though I whipped, and mixed, and squished and smashed, the frosting still had...

...little flecks of blue and black!
And the final analysis of the Cotton Candy flavor?  
Even sweeter Crisco, with basically no hint of Cotton Candy!

After this experiment, I give Duncan Hines Frosting Creations a huge...FAIL! 
If all you're looking for is another step in making cupcakes, something for your kids to do, a specific frosting color, then fine.  But as far as taste and quality - nope.   
Just a gimmick to get an extra buck out of their frostings.  
Sorry, Duncan Hines.  *cheesy grin*

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