Sunday, February 5, 2012

Courageous DVD Review and Giveaway

Thrilled, I am announcing my next giveaway right now!

Focus On The Family generously sent the newly released Courageous DVD for to me to give to one of MommieJoys readers.  Will that reader be you?  *smiles*

Fairly new to the blog scene, I am going to try out Rafflecopter for this giveaway.  Seems a tad more "up to date" than having my daughter draw names from a bowl!  *winks*

Here's what other people are saying about Courageous...

"...Fathers are intentionally front and center inCourageous, the latest project from Sherwood Pictures (Fireproof,Facing the Giants). Set in Albany, Georgia, the small city that’s home to all things Sherwood, we’re immediately introduced to four local deputies who are facing their own giants, namely a substantial increase in local gang activity and drug-related problems...

...No doubt, in an era of particularly disposable entertainment, the efforts behind a film like Courageous are certainly appreciated. Not only has the overall production quality improved considerably from Sherwood’s previous efforts, but the action scenes and several attempts at humor, are a welcome addition. "

by Christa Banister from Crosswalk

"...The opening scene uses action and danger to provide a metaphor for what heroic fatherhood is all about: Nathan has just filled his truck up with gas and is about to squeegee his windows when a gangster hops into the driver's seat and rams the vehicle into gear. Nathan dives into the window and fights for control as they move down the road. It's a harrowing fight that ends with the truck hitting a tree and the thief fleeing on foot. A shocked onlooker remarks, "Don't worry about the car!" "I'm not worried about the car," Nathan says, opening the truck's back door to reveal a squealing infant. 

Adam and Shane soon arrive, and afterward they discuss whether they would have acted so heroically. "Would you have held on?" Adam asks his partner.

That question fully frames Courageous' look at fatherhood: What does it take? And what will you do?"

by Adam Holz from PluggedInOnline

Have you seen Courageous?  My husband had to run out and rent it so I would feel "worthy" of this giveaway. *hehe*  Without a doubt, the movie held our attention.  A sweet story line, the situations each man encounters are real-to-life.  At the infamous "Snake King" scene we laughed and at the loss of the little girl (won't say more to spoil it!) we cried.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly presented.

Because of the drug and violent content, this isn't a movie for younger kids.  But, they handle these topics quite well.

Honestly, there were a few times I chuckled at something I considered "cheesy."  The script could have used some tweaking here and there.  Actors are not Emmy Award Winners.  But hey, there are no bedroom scenes or curse words!  

I kept flashing back to my own High School drama attempts (school and church) and was seriously impressed how far Sherwood Pictures has come!  Night and day quality difference from Flywheel to this.  For a church to produce this level of film is a marvelous testimony.

Overall, Courageous is a good film.  The message is timeless and needed now more than ever in our society.  Definitely, I will recommend Courageous to others.

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