Friday, June 15, 2012

85 Years, 85 Cupcakes

So my Grandma turned 85 earlier this month.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said,

"Well, I don't neeeed anything!  But I'd like it if someone made me 85 cupcakes.  I dunno why.  But I'd like to see 85 cupcakes representing my 85 years.  You know your Grandma, I have a sense of humor."

And of course, you can't pass up a request from your Grandma!  *smiles*

Only problem was, we had to DRIVE to the family get together.  A long drive.  So I'd have to bake at Grandma's house once we got there.  But 85 cupcakes in an evening!?  Hence, my cousin.  My Aunt and cousin pitched in and made 50.  I made 3 batches - cherry, lemon and chocolate -  which ended up being about 50.  (The chocolate were gluten free so I could participate too!)  The popcorn pictured was for snacking - to keep little fingers and teeth away from the cupcakes.

During our drive, I made 85 cupcake toppers.  Numbering 1-85.  *grins*  I used a 2 inch punch, glue stick and stickers.  Had to think a bit on how to make things in the car, during my little one's DVD and nap times!

The party took place at my Uncle's hunting cabin.  Rustic, yes.  But always functional and fun!  Tables were set up in the "The Shelter" which my cousin had decorated.

Food - which accidentally consisted primarily of desserts - was in "The Cabin."  The plywood walls are decorated guy style - snake skin, deer head, hunting calendar, etc. - so we females tried to cover some of that up with a table cloth backdrop!  Our entire set up is complete with hamburgers on the grill, an outhouse and no running water.  *BIG grin*

And so went the birthday party.  Grandma was adorned with this cute apron from IKEA, a bling bling tiara and badge - making her our "Cupcake Princess for a Day."

Happy Birthday, Grandma!  You are loved and appreciated.
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