Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paper Scrap Letters - Cheapo Anthro

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So I fell in LOVE with the Anthropologie letters.  Ain't they grand?  Each one is unique and they're $14 a pop!  (Unless they're on sale!)

While these are beautiful, quilted and quality, I didn't want to swing for 'em.  So I put on my thinking cap and camp up with the Cheapo Anthro version.  (It also didn't take very long, and was "almost" free - compared to $14 each.)

Here's what you need...

*Cardboard letter 
(Store bought or actually cut from a piece cardboard.)
*Scraps of paper 
(Could use old magazines, etc.)
*Tape or glue
*Scissors/paper cutter

All you have to do is wrap a strip of paper around the letter, cut to size and tape or glue on the back!  Voila!  You could add those cute cloth rosettes and even some bling if you want a fancier look.  

Your cheap (mine were $1 each) or free Cheapo Anthro letter!  Now you can afford to spell out a whole name, word and make some for gifts!

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Girlie Curious George Birthday Party

On the morning of her birthday, we celebrated with a tradition that has been in my family for about 30 years - the red "You're Special Today" plate.  *smiles*

Gluten free blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and a new (Goodwill!) Princess birthday shirt.  Perfect start to any child's day.

For her party, we went with her current favorite cartoon - Curious George!  I tried to keep things simple yet a bit creative and lots of fun!  The typical red, blue, green and yellow George party wouldn't work for us, naturally.  So we chose purple, pink and yellow - now that's more girlie.

For party favors for the visiting kiddos I used buckets and filled them with these treats...
A Curious George Mask (from Party City)
A Curious George bottle cap necklace (PPPartyFavors from Etsy)
Squiggle straw
2 monkey erasers
Kite ($1 bin at Target!)
Baggie of banana chips
Picture of my daughter with her age and "Thank you!" printed (Made by me.)
A Curious George chalkboard mat (Nickle Pickle Quilts from Etsy)

As I said, I tried to keep the decorating to a minimum.  
Wal-Mart had these bright decorations for a $1 each in their party section.

I propped Curious George books everywhere, windows, mantel, etc.  
And that was it - favor, food and drink stations decorated and books spread about.

In our entry, I used this plastic back-drop with 
lips, glasses, hats and mustaches for the guests to pose with as they came in.
Later, I sent an email thank you with their photo!

Her gluten and dairy free Curious George birthday cake came from a local bakery.  
Somehow, they missed the multiple email memos about our color scheme.  *grins*  
Instead of yellow, they used green.
But we rolled with it, and I don't think any visitors noticed.

Outside we had a kiddie pool and sprinkler and ladder ball.

For food we opted to go with brisket on the grill, baked potatoes and baked and green beans in crock pots.

As adult visitors left, I gave them the Thank You photo of my daughter.  *whew* 
Saves on writing thank you cards later!

And there you have it!  This birthday party is now behind us.  And you know what, my daughter already knows what kind of party she wants next year.  *smiles*  
A blue princess party.  *sighs*
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