Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Review - Camera Coats

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At the encouragement of my husband, I am sitting on our front porch.  My daughter is napping.  Unusually beautiful weather hit us today.  It's about 60 degrees with a great wind blowing through.

Well, my Camera Coat arrived in the mail yesterday!  After a good hard rain, my daughter and I scrambled into rubber boots and splashed in ever puddle and ditch we could find.  I found myself traipsing along behind my daughter while opening the newly delivered package from Camera Coats.  I carried it around the yard for a while before finally convincing myself to put it inside - away from kicks of water with the accompanying muddy splats.

Here's the one I chose...

"Love Me" Rain Slicky
 As a mom, I often find myself and my camera outside.  Maybe it's the zoo, or an outdoor playtime, but somehow my camera is frequently exposed to the elements.  (Once, we barely survived an encounter with a new Nemo sprinkler!)  I chose to spend the extra few dollars, and get a Slicky,

Truthfully, the colors are a little different than I thought.  On the Camera Coats site, the Love Me Slicky appeared to have some black in it, which I chose to go with my black and white damask padded camera strap.  (From SheyB.)  Opening the package, I was surprised to see it was GREY not black!

Then today, I took my own pictures and saw that the varying shades of grey easily come through as black.  Thus, an honest mistake.  While not as coordinating as I'd prefer, I'm not disappointed with the "Love Me" print.

You will be amazed at how small the coats are.  Somehow from their website I got the feeling these were a bit more padded.  Back at Christmas, I surprised my Mom the cotton "Green Diamond" which matched perfectly with her camera strap.  I was kinda in shock when I opened mailer to discover something so small.  (I'd purchased a deal through GroopDealz so I paid a bit less that regular price for both the Coats I bought.)

Truthfully, I like my Camera Coat!  The workmanship is great.  The design is brilliant!  I believe it will assist in lightening my burdens when out on the go.  It will also ease my mind knowing that if a spill or sudden spray from a water hose happens, my camera is protected, IF it's in it's Slicky.  *smiles*  (My daughter calls this Mommy's new camera purse.  Too cute!)

Things I would like to see from Camera Coats in the future...
  • About $10 cheaper. (As they are now.)
  • Coordinating camera straps.
  • Thicker padding choice.
  • Rain Slicky type lining.
  • A "coat" to carry an additional zoom along.
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