Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthing Pumpkin - Is this creatively cute or imaginatively innappropriate?

Yes it's Halloween time, and there are lots of cute pumpkiny-fall things out there.  We're not big into Halloween at our house, and with a move there's not even a pumpkin peaking around my porch!  Horror!  *winks*

My cousin had this pic up on his Facebook and I just had to steal it.  Being a mom who obviously has given birth, this just struck me.  Honestly, I couldn't decide if it was hilarious or horrible? 

At first I looked closer to figure it out what it was.  Then I giggled.  Then I said, "Ew, uhmmmm.?" with my eyebrows raised, nosed crinkled.

Gotta give props for being "one of a kind" to the creator(s) of this lady-kin.

What do you think?  Please, leave me a post with your reaction.  I'd love to see if you're laughing or loathing.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

After hours of pouring over the internet looking for kitchen are some of my favorites!  Our newly remodeled kitchen has some finishing touches still needed - oh, and most importantly, it must be lived in!  *smiles*

Vintage.  White and grey.  Wood.  Stainless.  Industrial.

Hope you enjoy these pics, AND you get a general idea of what MY new kitchen looks like!  (To a more homey and budget scale, naturally.)
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Heavenly Child

My Heaven baby was due this week.  Today I'm remembering and missing my baby.  I don't think you ever get over losing an unborn, no matter how far along you were. 

I'm remembering the positive pregnancy test, how I told Daddy, the belly pics on the beach in Hawaii, the nausea, when the bleeding started and then that dreaded moment when the doctor kept looking, and kept looking at the ultrasound.  The silence, the polite facial expression.  Evidence, without words, that my baby was in Heaven.

I got to "hold" my baby for 12 weeks.  Now Jesus will hold this child until I get to meet them in Heaven.  A great place to wait, don't ya think?

I love you, my little unborn, my Heaven child.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some New Site Discoveries

During our new house remodel, I have basically been away from the internet.  Too busy with contractors, color and style schemes, I sadly gave up the blog/online world.  But, now after packing up more dishes, I've had a few moments to sit and surf!

Look at some of the sites I've discovered in the last 15 minutes...

Awesome ways to personalize that wonderful, awful IKEA furniture!  I'm always wanting better quality, but always loving their prices.  Do I hear an, "Amen!" out there?  *smiles*  Between and rock and a hard place here.  (Vintage or antique, honestly, is so much better.)

And this cute kids decor and accessories site.

And this clothing company we've just found...


Top - from H&M
Long-sleeved top with printed design and appliqué at front and a roll-edge neckline.


Scarf - from H&M
Knit scarf with stuffed animal head on one end.

Anyway, it's impressive how a few minutes online will get your imagination and creative juices flowin'!

Maybe these sites are old news to you - but for me - inspiration.
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