Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sippy Cup Product Review

For the most part, the majority of sippy cups claim to be spill proof. 
We've tried all of the above...literally!  *winks*  And ya know what? 
They all leak! 
All over the car seat or car floor, in the crib, the playroom rug, etc.

Totally by accident I stumbled upon a cup that lives up to it's advertising!

Mommy had finally had enough of bottles.  Granted they only came out at nap and bedtime, but it was time they were gone!  For two weeks I "prepped" my little girl that one day the bottles would have to go "bye bye."  That day came.  She hugged and kissed her night-night bottle and then was happy to accept her new Pooh sippy cup, to be used only at naps and for night-night.  (Whew!  Thank You, Jesus!)

Walking through the cup isle at Wal-Mart this was the only Pooh sippy I could find that day.  She's NOT "into" Dora or Disney Princesses so Pooh was my natural choice.  Leary of having ANOTHER leaky cup in her crib I watched this one carefully.  Miracle of miracles - not a drip spilled all night long! 

Lots of shaking and turning up-side-down and the like has gone into my opinion.  

So...stop spending your money on trying sippy cup after sippy cup....

 The Playtex Twist n' Click rises above all others!

You can buy this cup insulated or just regular plastic.  We have both.

So there you have my advise.  Cups are spendy.  Some kids are picky.  It costs a lot to keep trying and failing.  We have finally found one that makes Mommy and Baby happy!  (The price is still too high for little plastic cups I think, but they all are!)

If your kid prefers a straw, there is also that option available!  Neat!

Product Overview:
The Insulator - with the Twist 'n Click feature - simply twist the lid on the cup until you hear and feel the lid click closed, then you'll know the cup is 100% leak-proof. Designed For Baby:-Thin, tapered spout is ideal for little mouths-Insulated to keep drinks cool and fresh longer-Easy to activate - liquid flows easily when child sips-Stage 3-12+ months Designed For Mom:-Durable cup is 100% break proof-Lid is interchangeable with all Playtex Twist 'n Click cups-All parts are dishwasher safe-Patented spill-proof valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean 9 oz Cup

For the Disney Princess Insulated Cup...
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For the Disney Cars Insulated Cup...
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**I was in no way compensated for this review.
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