Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Most Recent Goodwill Finds

Here are a couple of the bargains I've swiped at Goodwill in the past month.

A NEW Vera Bradley hanging bag.  And yes, you're seeing that right, it was $1.99!

Then, there was this cute curtain panel, or was it a shower curtain?  I was in a rush and didn't have time to find out for sure but what the tag said sold me Ballard Designs - oh, and it was $3.99.  *smiles*  (It's a shower curtain, btw.  Supposed to be at least, we'll see what I do with it!)

THEN, there was this super bright, super cute Queen sized duvet cover.  Priced at $3.99 I couldn't pass it up once I saw the Pottery Barn Teen label. 

Goodwill is an amazing place to shop - if you have the time, and go can often!  While browsing through the purses a couple of visits ago, and lady stopped me, "I just have to tell you this!  I bought 2 purses at the other Goodwill in town last week.  When I got home, there were 2 rings inside a pocket.  I took them to a jeweler and they are real diamond rings!  I just LOOoooVE Goodwill now."

Have YOU ever found something valuable at Goodwill or some other thrift shop?
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