Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt

So, I was browsing the internet again, and came across this T-shirt project - use Sharpies to make tie dye!  Simple idea that really works!  (HelloGiggles is the originator of this idea and I followed her tutorial.)

My daughter is younger than HelloGiggles daughter, so the art well, turned out differently.  My little one wanted an owl on her shirt too, so we added a stamp to make her happy.  *smiles*

Materials needed:

Pre-washed T-shirt
Rubbing alcohol
Colored Sharpies
Rubber Bands
Foam stamp
Washable paint
Decide on where you want you tie dye circles.
Drape the front of the  t-shirt over a cup and wrap a rubber band around.
**MAKE SURE you put cardboard inside the shirt - when you drop on the alcohol it will leak through to the backside.

**DO NOT USE the metallic Sharpies, the colors don't run.
Skinny lines and little details don't work well, we learned.

Watching the colors spread was so much fun! 

Our little owl stamp turned out pretty cute!

When the Sharpie art is finished,
pop the T-shirt into the dryer to heat set design and dry the alcohol.

Next time, we will do things a bit differently based on what we've learned (and I'll make sure my paint and the Sharpie colors match!)  *grins*

This is a project that could serve many purposes - a zoo outing with school or friends, birthday party, or perhaps a family reunion or girls' sleepover!

UPDATE:: The pastel Sharpies we used DID fade significantly in the wash.  Perhaps the bold colors would do better?  Will have to try this again - such a fun project! - 9.25.12
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