Friday, March 9, 2012

Yeast Free Diet - Have you heard of it?

Ok, so I am trying a new thing - the Yeast Free Diet.  With week two nearly under my belt, I'm not gonna say this is easy.  Honestly yes, I cheated when my husband took me out last week.  *smiles*  But I've also lost five pounds!

Here are three plans.  As usual, everyone has their own twist.  But they all seem similar and appear that they would accomplish the same thing.

Candida Diet
The Yeast Diet

Candida Diet
The Candida Diet

The Hotze Health and Wellness Center

So here are the first things I attempted making a salad dressing and my own ketchup!

Olive oil, avocado, salt and fresh herb dressing.

Tomato juice, garlic cloves, lemon juice and Stevia!

Wish me luck as I have two and a half more months to go!  Recipes will come in the future...I'm sure!  This is an adventure for me.  My first "official" diet EVER!  *winks*  With help from my family and self-control granted from the Lord, I'm taking a step forward to greater health.
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Jewelry Storage Ideas

Are you like me?  Do you have piles of jewelry spilling and running over?  Do you know what to do with it all!?

I have chunky vintage pieces and and simple charms on a chain.  And clip earrings, how to store those?  Then there are bangles, thick and large.

After much digging around on the web, here are some great ideas to store all of that precious bling!  Now I can't wait to get all of my jewelry unpacked and fancifully displayed!

From Harper Valley

diy project: jewelry bust | Design*Sponge
I have seen this one around the net for awhile, I think even over at Martha but I am smitten with it today.
From Storage Geek

From Pretty Pretty Petals

bangles storage ideas
From Makeup And Beauty

From Pretty and Fun

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