Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Spring Butterfly Crafts

Spring brings new life.  Spring also means BUGS!  I don't ever remember so many bugs.  *splat*

Instead of bemoaning the entirety of bug-dom, we shall enjoy one fluttery creation - butterflies!  Let's celebrate their colorful lives a bit today...

Footprint Butterfly

First, I stripped my daughter down to her Pull-Up and popped her in the bathtub - isn't this just the best way?  *smiles*  Next, I squirted out a bit of finger paint and put a thin coat on her left foot.
Then on the clean end of the tub, I placed a piece of card stock down and "stamped" her
left foot (at an angle) on the right side of the paper.   We wanted to make several of these to give away, so we stamped all the left feet we needed, then cleaned off that moving on to the right!

You could also put the foot prints on canvas for customized art!  If you're better with a Sharpie or paintbrush than I am, it could be a sweet playroom adornment.

I LOVE how it captured the uniqueness of my daughter's foot - the lines of her skin, etc.  There is only one foot in the whole world with this exact print!  *winks*

Tie-Dye Paper Towel Butterfly

Mix food coloring and water in bowls.  
Fold a paper towel into squares or  triangles - eighths or sixteenths.  
Dip the corners and sides into the colored water.  
Try leaving a bit of white to make dots or color each side for stripes!

My little one totally got the hang of this project and was whipping out tie-dyed towels quicker than I cold lay them out to dry.
If you use pastel coloring, this is what you get.

Primary colors come out much brighter.

Lay in the sun to dry.
(FYI - the sun seemed to fade the pastel colors too much.)

Twist a pipe cleaner around the middle and twirl out some antennas.
You could hang these butterflies in a window or use one as a great gift wrapping addition!

Butterfly Snack Pack

Simply fill a snack size plastic baggie with munchies of your choice.
(We went with almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried blueberries and cherries.)

Next, color one side of a clothes pin with markers or paint.
(Dipping glue or paint in glitter would be way cool!)

Cut a pipe cleaner in half and spin into the antennas.
Glue on wiggle eyes.
Pinch the clothes pin in the middle....
and you're done!
Thank you to Pinterest and Grandma for the inspiration!

Three butterfly crafts in a week and a half might be over kill, but you should have seen my little one outside, toting her net to "catch a butta-fly" - too cute!

Wishing you a marvelous Spring.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Own Flower Pot Garden

Our bed, just AFTER we pulled out the grass and most of the weeds.  *smiles*

Previous owners had left a pile of bricks!

My husband dug down about 4 inches (the thickness of the brick plus an inch extra) and leveled off the bed.  We used the extra dirt to fill in a big hole on our property! 

Next he sprayed ant and weed poison.  (We're not growing anything in this soil!)  Then, he covered the bed with some Weed Blocker we had leftover from another project.

Sand was used to help build up and level the brick edging.  My husband work diligently and made this look effortless!  *winks*

River rock filled inside the bed.  Exactly the look I had invisioned!

I found this metal grate covered in chicken wire buried under  leaves on our property.  This should make a fine trellis!  The big rock comes from an 1800's family home which has since, fallen apart.

My daughter was right in the thick of things - pulling weeds, digging our the dirt and helping pot plants!  (All while wearing my kitchen gloves!  *hehe*)

The previous owners left a slue of pots buried in the back.  We dug them up and washed 'em off.  Several are "vintage" and have that lovely patina to them.  (I still need to find a few larger pots for my tomatoes and one of the flower bushes - but other than that - we had enough!)

This is our first time to try "gardening" and we're so excited!  Now things just have to take off and grow!  Oh, for food we have...strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, basil and squash!

We've started our own tomatoes, carrots and lettuce too!

If you more experienced gardeners have tips or advice, please feel free to contact me!  

Happy gardening and Spring!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review - Toddler Toilet Fun & Potty Doll

When remodeling, there are always pieces of "things" laying around.  My daughter found 2 pieces of pipe and put them together making her OWN toilet paper holder.

All dolls and stuffed animals are subject to potty time too!

Her piggy bank running over, my sweet baby girl and her Daddy went off to Wal-Mart to buy her something special.  She chose a "pee pee baby!"   (Search though I may, I cannot find THIS exact set online!  Perhaps your local Wal-Mart still has this doll in stock - similar sets by Baby Boutique are available - such as this one for $11.47.)  And don't forget, Wal-Mart typically will ship from online to a store for free!

All drink and wet dolls are alike - the water runs through them faster than you can get them on the potty!  We have taken to putting a towel on the floor during potty play time.  

This particular baby has a bit of an issue getting fed.  The bottle is hard for a child to place inside the hole in its mouth.  Good for hand-eye practice and a patience exercise, but my daughter was quickly frustrated.

The potty and bib had the Baby Boutique STICKERS on them!  Duh - once they got wet they started bubbling up and peeling.  Gonna have to get Goo-Gone or rubbing alcohol after it!

Truthfully, this doll is on the not-so-cute side, but she ain't ugly.  (There's this trend right now - seeing how ugly companies can make those baby dolls.  *winks*)

For the price, this is a good toy.  Overall, I'd give it 3 outta 5 stars.

When potty training, you really should invest in a "pee pee" doll.  My daughter was able to grasp the concept  of "liquid in, liquid out" quickly - because of the doll. 
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flower Pot Gardening Inspiration

So, I've been inspired!  As a kid our family had a nice sized garden for a few years, but I've never been brave enough to give it a whirl.   

Instead of a true, out-n-out garden I am going to try gardening in flower pots!

Here are some pics that get wheels turning!  Very soon my own flower pot garden will be completed.  And of course, snap shots of my "garden" will come soon!

patio garden, may 18
Homemakers Who Work
May Dreams Gardens
Megan Erin Miller
patio gardening ideas
Landscape Design and Ideas

Gardening in containers

Source: via M on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Ryan on Pinterest 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you baby-ing your baby?

Source: Pinterest

Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?

by Mickey Goodman

Warning signs

When a college freshman received a C- on her first test, she literally had a meltdown in class. Sobbing, she texted her mother who called back, demanding to talk to the professor immediately (he, of course, declined). Another mother accompanied her child on a job interview, then wondered why he didn't get the job.
A major employer reported that during a job interview, a potential employee told him that she would have his job within 18 months. It didn't even cross her mind that he had worked 20 years to achieve his goal.
Sound crazy?
Sadly, the stories are all true, says Tim Elmore, founder and president of a non-profit, Growing Leaders, and author of the "Habitudes®" series of books, teacher guides, DVD kits and survey courses. "Gen Y (and iY) kids born between 1984 and 2002 have grown up in an age of instant gratification. iPhones, iPads, instant messaging and immediate access to data is at their fingertips," he says. "Their grades in school are often negotiated by parents rather than earned and they are praised for accomplishing little. They have hundreds of Facebook and Twitter 'friends,' but often few real connections."
To turn the tide, Growing Leaders is working with 5,000 public schools, universities, civic organizations, sports teams and corporations across the country and internationally to help turn young people -- particularly those 16 to 24 -- into leaders. "We want to give them the tools they lack before they've gone through three marriages and several failed business ventures," he says.
But why have parents shifted from teaching self-reliance to becoming hovering helicopter parents who want to protect their children at all costs?
"I think it began in the fall of 1982, when seven people died after taking extra-strength Tylenol laced with poison after it left the factory," he says. Halloween was just around the corner, and parents began checking every item in the loot bags. Homemade brownies and cookies (usually the most coveted items) hit the garbage; unwrapped candy followed close behind.
That led to an obsession with their children's safety in every aspect of their lives. Instead of letting them go outside to play, parents filled their kid's spare time with organized activities, did their homework for them, resolved their conflicts at school with both friends and teachers, and handed out trophies for just showing up.
"These well-intentioned messages of 'you're special' have come back to haunt us," Elmore says. "We are consumed with protecting them instead of preparing them for the future. We haven't let them fall, fail and fear. The problem is that if they don't take risks early on like climbing the monkey bars and possibly falling off, they are fearful of every new endeavor at age 29."
Psychologists and psychiatrists are seeing more and more young people having a quarter-life crisis and more cases of clinical depression. The reason? Young people tell them it's because they haven't yet made their first million or found the perfect mate.
Teachers, coaches and executives complain that Gen Y kids have short attention spans and rely on external, instead of internal motivation. The goal of Growing Leaders is to reverse the trend and help young people become more creative and self-motivated so they can rely on themselves and don't need external motivation.
Family psychologist John Rosemond agrees. In a February 2 article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he points out that new research finds that rewards often backfire, producing the opposite effect of that intended. When an aggressive child is rewarded for not being aggressive for a short period of time, he is likely to repeat the bad behavior to keep the rewards coming.
Where did we go wrong?
• We've told our kids to dream big - and now any small act seems insignificant. In the great scheme of things, kids can't instantly change the world. They have to take small, first steps - which seem like no progress at all to them. Nothing short of instant fame is good enough. "It's time we tell them that doing great things starts with accomplishing small goals," he says.
• We've told our kids that they are special - for no reason, even though they didn't display excellent character or skill, and now they demand special treatment. The problem is that kids assumed they didn't have to do anything special in order to be special.
• We gave our kids every comfort - and now they can't delay gratification. And we heard the message loud and clear. We, too, pace in front of the microwave, become angry when things don't go our way at work, rage at traffic. "Now it's time to relay the importance of waiting for the things we want, deferring to the wishes of others and surrendering personal desires in the pursuit of something bigger than 'me,'" Elmore says.
• We made our kid's happiness a central goal - and now it's difficult for them to generate happiness -- the by-product of living a meaningful life. "It's time we tell them that our goal is to enable them to discover their gifts, passions and purposes in life so they can help others. Happiness comes as a result."
The uncomfortable solutions:
"We need to let our kids fail at 12 - which is far better than at 42," he says. "We need to tell them the truth (with grace) that the notion of 'you can do anything you want' is not necessarily true."
Kids need to align their dreams with their gifts. Every girl with a lovely voice won't sing at the Met; every Little League baseball star won't play for the major leagues.
• Allow them to get into trouble and accept the consequences. It's okay to make a "C-." Next time, they'll try harder to make an "A".
• Balance autonomy with responsibility. If your son borrows the car, he also has to re-fill the tank.
• Collaborate with the teacher, but don't do the work for your child. If he fails a test, let him take the consequences.
"We need to become velvet bricks," Elmore says, "soft on the outside and hard on the inside and allow children to fail while they are young in order to succeed when they are adults."
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who can see your cell pics?

Let's keep our kids safe, Mommies.  I know this YouTube video is a bit old, but I'd never heard the information before!

For a gift, my husband has offered to buy me a "fancy" phone complete with data package!  For several reasons, I have delayed getting high-tech - I tend to drop my phone often, I don't want my daughter to behave when we're out...only because of a game on a phone, I don't want to take the time and effort to update and maintain a phone, I see it as a lot of money spent with little, true enrichment added to my life, and there's more! *sigh*  What shall I do?

Anyway, here is something every Mommie with a smart phone needs to know.  There ARE bad guys out there, let's keep 'em as far as possible from our babies.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Yeast Free Diet - Have you heard of it?

Ok, so I am trying a new thing - the Yeast Free Diet.  With week two nearly under my belt, I'm not gonna say this is easy.  Honestly yes, I cheated when my husband took me out last week.  *smiles*  But I've also lost five pounds!

Here are three plans.  As usual, everyone has their own twist.  But they all seem similar and appear that they would accomplish the same thing.

Candida Diet
The Yeast Diet

Candida Diet
The Candida Diet

The Hotze Health and Wellness Center

So here are the first things I attempted making a salad dressing and my own ketchup!

Olive oil, avocado, salt and fresh herb dressing.

Tomato juice, garlic cloves, lemon juice and Stevia!

Wish me luck as I have two and a half more months to go!  Recipes will come in the future...I'm sure!  This is an adventure for me.  My first "official" diet EVER!  *winks*  With help from my family and self-control granted from the Lord, I'm taking a step forward to greater health.
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Jewelry Storage Ideas

Are you like me?  Do you have piles of jewelry spilling and running over?  Do you know what to do with it all!?

I have chunky vintage pieces and and simple charms on a chain.  And clip earrings, how to store those?  Then there are bangles, thick and large.

After much digging around on the web, here are some great ideas to store all of that precious bling!  Now I can't wait to get all of my jewelry unpacked and fancifully displayed!

From Harper Valley

diy project: jewelry bust | Design*Sponge
I have seen this one around the net for awhile, I think even over at Martha but I am smitten with it today.
From Storage Geek

From Pretty Pretty Petals

bangles storage ideas
From Makeup And Beauty

From Pretty and Fun

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