Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Own Flower Pot Garden

Our bed, just AFTER we pulled out the grass and most of the weeds.  *smiles*

Previous owners had left a pile of bricks!

My husband dug down about 4 inches (the thickness of the brick plus an inch extra) and leveled off the bed.  We used the extra dirt to fill in a big hole on our property! 

Next he sprayed ant and weed poison.  (We're not growing anything in this soil!)  Then, he covered the bed with some Weed Blocker we had leftover from another project.

Sand was used to help build up and level the brick edging.  My husband work diligently and made this look effortless!  *winks*

River rock filled inside the bed.  Exactly the look I had invisioned!

I found this metal grate covered in chicken wire buried under  leaves on our property.  This should make a fine trellis!  The big rock comes from an 1800's family home which has since, fallen apart.

My daughter was right in the thick of things - pulling weeds, digging our the dirt and helping pot plants!  (All while wearing my kitchen gloves!  *hehe*)

The previous owners left a slue of pots buried in the back.  We dug them up and washed 'em off.  Several are "vintage" and have that lovely patina to them.  (I still need to find a few larger pots for my tomatoes and one of the flower bushes - but other than that - we had enough!)

This is our first time to try "gardening" and we're so excited!  Now things just have to take off and grow!  Oh, for food we have...strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, basil and squash!

We've started our own tomatoes, carrots and lettuce too!

If you more experienced gardeners have tips or advice, please feel free to contact me!  

Happy gardening and Spring!
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