Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snack Time - Products we use and love!

It was a lovely, scorching hot afternoon and my daughter and I were outside.  Snack time and water hose time came at the same time, and this is what she ate...

Bolthouse Farms Organic Carrot Juice
Watered down, mostly water.  Available at Costco, but not online.

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread
While not gluten free, this is the only bread OR gluten our daughter gets!  All organic and sprouted, thus it makes me happy.  *smiles*

Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cake

Hard Boiled Organic Brown Egg

Organic Apple

And don't forget the Desert Essence sunscreen!

For those out there who are saying, "Great food choices, but go all out and don't use plastic use glass or stainless steel!"  While I agree, prefer, and often chose those options, just how many spendy stainless steel sippies are we supposed to dent and bottles/plates are we to break?  Anyway, the practical, thrifty side of me always shines through, and I just can't risk destroying things on the concrete, therefore wasting more precious pennies!

AND THEN...there are those of you saying, "Those aren't kid snacks!  Where's the Fruit Loops, gummy worms, cookies and Yoplait?"  Well, ain't ya glad I'm not YOUR mom?  *BIG grin*

We TRY to be healthy around here.  It's a process, we are gradually changing.  If you want Oreos or ice cream, talk to her daddy.  *winks*

What kind of snacks do your kids eat on hot summer days?
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