Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paper Scrap Letters - Cheapo Anthro

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So I fell in LOVE with the Anthropologie letters.  Ain't they grand?  Each one is unique and they're $14 a pop!  (Unless they're on sale!)

While these are beautiful, quilted and quality, I didn't want to swing for 'em.  So I put on my thinking cap and camp up with the Cheapo Anthro version.  (It also didn't take very long, and was "almost" free - compared to $14 each.)

Here's what you need...

*Cardboard letter 
(Store bought or actually cut from a piece cardboard.)
*Scraps of paper 
(Could use old magazines, etc.)
*Tape or glue
*Scissors/paper cutter

All you have to do is wrap a strip of paper around the letter, cut to size and tape or glue on the back!  Voila!  You could add those cute cloth rosettes and even some bling if you want a fancier look.  

Your cheap (mine were $1 each) or free Cheapo Anthro letter!  Now you can afford to spell out a whole name, word and make some for gifts!

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