Monday, October 1, 2012

Product Review - Shout Color Catcher

About two years ago, I took moooost of a quilting class with a friend at her church.  *BIG grin*  There, the ladies introduced me to an amazing laundry tool - Shout Color Catcher.
Shout Color Catcher Dye-Trapping, In-Wash Cloths - 24 ea
After ruining a new red and white striped rug, an newly made quilt, a few baby clothes and the like, I grabbed on to these Color Catchers.

The size of a dryer sheet, you simply toss a Color Catcher into the wash and it literally catches the colors as they run.  Colors run onto this sheet instead of onto your clothes.  It's simply wonderful.  This product works.

Now, when I wash a new garment for the first time or washing something old or super nice (if I'm worried about the colors running) instead of washing it alone and wasting all that time, water and energy, I merely toss in a Color Catcher and wash a full load!

Five outta Five is what I give the Shout Color Catcher.  My stamp of approval for sure.  Try it.

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*I was not paid to give this review.  I did not receive product to review.*
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