Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Topiaries

So my friend and I were happily strolling through a fancy shop in the quaint, historic part of her town and we spied these amazing topiaries.  At about $65 retail price, I was shocked.  My friend mentioned how easy it would be to make them.  And of course, I agreed.  *smiles*

I'd been wanting to find something tall and "natural" for the dresser in our master bedroom.  The topiaries were the perfect idea!  I decided that I didn't like the clay pot look, and used some chalkboard paint I had purchased earlier.

A run to Hobby Lobby, a quick stroll around my backyard and voila!

(If you wait until each item goes on their 50% off sale, you can make these topiaries for about $6.50 each.  MUCHO cheaper than $65 per green thing.  Yes!)

Looks navy blue when you open the can!

One coat, with a foam brush, was all I needed.

I opted for the pre-made greenery balls.
There really wasn't much of a price difference.
You could make your own for a more custom look.

One package of moss covered the tops of all 3 pots.

Chalk markers, or pens, are simply amazing.
Favorite new find.

I can write whatever words I'd like - seasonal, some special note, etc.

Standing tall on the dresser.

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