Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Knee Time

On My Knees
Words and music by Rory Noland
Willow Creek Music (Album: "A Place To Call Home")

When so many voice surround me
Screaming for attention all at once
Makes me long for some time with my Lord
And that old chair by the window where I go
To be with Him alone

On my knees is where I wanna be
When this life overwhelms me
I can pour my heart out, and bare my soul
To the one who loves me
On my knees

Just me and the Lord in a quiet place
That's the best way I could ever start my day
But when life moves so fast I can't catch my breath
That appointment seems to be the first to go
And it's what I need the most

Oh, I can pour my heart out
And bare my soul
To the One who loves me
On my knees
On my knees
On my knees
On my knees

This is a song that comes to mind so often.  Sometimes I catch it on the radio.  It isn't very popular, but then again, most of the songs I like don't make it to the "Top 10 Charts!"

Last night my husband and I had a discussion.  We talked about knees.  He was kneeling down on the floor by the bed trying to plug in his phone charger.  And "it" dawned on him, here I am on my knees for a phone, but I can't get on my knees to pray to my Lord.

We then began talking about other reasons we get on our knees - to bathe our baby girl, to scrub the floor, to use our lap top (out of the way of little hands,)  to repair the car and to reach behind the couch to get that lost object.  Then it's that silly printer again, or maybe "busted" plumbing under the bathroom sink.  What about our crying child who needs a hug or puppy who needs a good scratch behind the ears?  When my husband proposed, he was on his knees before me.  During the day, we find ourselves on our knees, somehow.

It just struck us how often knees play into the equation, and yet how little of that "knee time" is spent humbly before God.

Our world is so stuck on "me."  The customer is always right, food the way YOU want it, what ever feeeeels right to you muuuust be right for you, follow your heart, you deserve it, and on and on.  We should quit with the "me time" and get on to some "knee time!?  (Preachin' to myself here.)

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  1. Great post Rebekah. You aren't the only one guilty of this (ME!). ; o) Thanks for sharing. Love you!


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