Friday, July 15, 2011

Here's the proof!

He loves me.  See?  It's written on the wall!  He loves me. 

My DH painted our giant master room very nearly all by himself and stopped long enough, in the midst of this massive chore, to express his feelings for ME!

Right now all we have is furniture and one picture hanging.  But my goal is to tackle decorating our room s-o-o-n.  Why is it that the rest of the house gets TLC, but the master bedroom straggles along for years?  It becomes a laundry dumping ground or, quick someone is coming over in 30 minutes dump everything in Mommy's room!  *sigh*  Some relaxing get away, no EnGedi here!  But, that will change.

Already my wonderful man has painted the room, showing his love for me.  See, it's a start - on a trek towards our own oasis!
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