Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Is The Way We Post

Above you see a picture of the boxes which recently were mailed from my home.  Nothing uniform about 'em.  In fact, I think my husband was quite embarrassed hauling the potty chair box into the Post Office!  But hey, those boxes are what we had on hand.  And we got a good laugh out of it.  (The potty box was headed to a family with three little ones, so I knew they would understand.)

This is the way my in-laws have ALWAYS mailed things...letters, name it!  (This box was covered front AND back.)  My husband's side of the family has a few avid stamp collectors who well, collect great stamps!  Imagine my surprise when I opened up one of my magazines (Which one?  Uhm...Country Living maybe?) and saw them suggest the same thing!

Oh and a note to the Postal Service - not ONE of the stamps had been cancelled on the above pictured package.  NOW what am I supposed to do?  Re-use them or trash em?  Moral dilemma.  *smiles*

My daughter's birthday invitation last year was mailed out in a similar fashion...

So, this is the way we post things around here.  It's good to take a common task, such as mailing a letter, and add a twist to make it fun!  Be silly by using a diaper box to mail something to your brother or stick a page full of 2 cent stamps on an envelope.  Yes, there are times to be very tasteful and send packages full of tactfulness.  But hey...lighten up a little and enjoy a basic task for a change.
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