Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Child's Voice

While being on bed rest with a concussion, my Mom, husband and a dear friend helped care for my toddler.  For 2 weeks I didn't get to spend nearly enough/as much time with her.  Instead, I got to listen to her little voice from afar. 

Our living room is ear-shot from the master bedroom, so I was blessed to hear all the cute toddler-babble.  She fed her Daddy with the plastic and wooden food from her kitchen, she let her caregiver know when she wanted a snack and exactly what she wanted to eat, she interacted with The Backyardigans, Curious George and Kipper on TV, she cried when she was in trouble, asked to "see Mommy," and played with her babies....a lot.

Then there was the baby monitor.  When our daughter was born, we chose to invest in a video monitor.  Best choice ever!  It's so worth the extra money.  (Sounds like that's a review for another post!)  Listening to her play in the mornings and after naps - and getting to watch her swaddle and feed her baby, take off her socks and clean between her toes was precious. 

Listening to her voice without seeing her face to face has brought several things to mind...

  • After a difficult birth, finally hearing that first cry.  My heart melted.  That sound is embedded in my memory.
  • I love my baby girl more than my own life.
  • Not being able to care for her or play with her has put a hole in my heart - I miss my child.
  • We can't see God, but we can hear Him speak.
  • God longs to be with us!  Do I long to be with Him?
I also began considering the sound of a voice, it is so powerful!  The mere sound of a voice can...

  • Let a nursing mom's milk down.
  • Bring a sigh of relief when you hear your lost child in a store.
  • Bring back old memories.
  • Reconcile a relationship.
  • Put fear into your heart.
  • Create the Earth.  (If you're God.  *smiles*)
  • Begin or end a fight.
  • Fill your heart with romance.
Nothing can compare to a good singing voice - Frank Sinatra, Charlotte Church, etc.  What about Garrison Keillor or other radio favorites?  Clips of verbal history, President Kennedy saying, "You have nothing to fear but fear itself, " or President Regan, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

A voice is unique, just like my baby girl.  Her cute words like "harble" for "horrible" or "nakpin" for "napkin" or "bang bang" for "hammer" are also special.   I am purposing to be grateful for every sound she makes, yes, even the cries and whines!  Someday, I'll be longing for that sweet, baby talk again.  For right now though, I'm gonna enjoy it.  My child's voice.
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