Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Product Review - Starbucks Glass Water Bottle

For Christmas, my Mom surprised me with this water bottle from Starbucks!  We had stopped in there a few days before to grab a seasonal fav of mine - an Eggnog Latte with white chocolate - and I saw this cuuute glass water bottle!

 Glass Water Bottle - Berry, 16 fl oz

Primarily, we used glass baby bottles and I've been on the look-out for an affordable and functional "bottle" for me.  Around the house, I use a glass milk bottle to guzzle my H2O.  *hehe* 

This Starbucks model would be great to take along to the gym.  It has an easy to grab handle so you can set it down while you lift those weights and effortlessly grab it up and move on.  (You have to push the handle back without being shy in order to open.  Then push the button and watch the lid "spring" open!)

Also, this bottle doesn't seem to be too heavy a great plus if you are going to tote it around town.  The silicone sleeve can be tricky to take on and off for washing, but the whole thing is dishwasher safe.  (From experience with those baby bottles, if you just place the bottle wearing the sleeve into the dishwasher, water tends to get trapped between the bottom of the bottle and the silicone.  It can "sour" if not dried out from time to time.)

This 16 oz. bottle gets my stamp of approval, although $16.95 still feels steep.  My silicone color is "Berry" and there is also one called "Slate."  Starbucks proudly states their bottle is made of 50% post consumer glass.  (The bottle is made in Japan while the silicone sleeve is made in China, by the way.)

What baffles me about Starbucks...at the moment...is that they are supporting the "Create Jobs for the USA" campaign.  Selling bracelets in-store and on-line to prove it!  If they are so supportive of this movement, why are most of their "gifty" products made in China?  At least, most of the ones I've seen.  If they were genuinely interested in creating USA jobs, have a "Made Exclusively in the USA" line available.  Kinda just a soap-box of mine right now.  *smiles*

Other than my current conundrum with Starbucks, nothing more can really be said, except than I'd like to see various sizes of this water bottle made available. 

Happy drinking!  (Water, that is.)

Glass Water Bottle - Berry, 16 fl oz

** I was in no way compensated for this review.
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