Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pottery Barn Kids Chair - Goodwill Find

So, we were shopping at Goodwill - as is our weekly habit - and this Pottery Barn Kids chair was comfortably sitting back by the book section.  With a nifty $3.99 sticker tag it quickly became -  MINE!  Er, uhm, my daughter's.  *winks*

Although there were faded spots and some ink marks, the thought of DYE popped into my head.  Since I'd never tackled dying anything, a $4 risk was worth taking.

Initially, I machine washed the cover.  Instead of drying it, I chose to soak the cover overnight in a tub full of Oxi-Clean.  (Dye Free Oxi-Clean is one of my favorite laundry tools!)

The Oxi-Clean really did help brighten up the cover, but the ink stains were still quite visible, and the fading was still...faded.  

Turning to the dye I could find during a grocery trip to Wal-Mart - I chose Rit Petal Pink.  Timidly, I followed the directions on the bottle to dye the chair cover in my washing machine!  And guess what?  It worked quite well.

In truth, the color came out a bit more along the lines of Pepto Bismol than I expected.  My goal was to stick closer to the original pale pink - but hey, for a first try, it turned out great!  (Now to find the time to re-stuff the arm cushions!)
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  1. Cute chair for a cheap price!! So cool to think of coloring it Pink. Good color choice : )


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