Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Mantel and Napkin Wreath

With most of my decor still in boxes, it's a challenge to decorate.  Thus far, my mantel is the only thing I've tackled.   There's not one picture hanging on a wall anywhere!  Granted I'm enjoying the de-cluttered look, and am trying to take this time to scour Pinterest for ideas.

We've owned this home for about 6 months.  2 of those months we were not living in the home - smashed out walls and cabinets, torn out flooring and fresh paint kinda made me stay out.  *smiles*  Then, a couple weeks after moving into a home with renovations still in progress, I hit my head.  And now, I am under doctor's orders to do as little as possible.  Having a concussion sure takes a toll on one's life!  3 months down - and doc says 9 more to go!  *sigh*

Here's what the mantel has looked like since we got here...

Original mantel was finished wood.

We painted the mantel white to match the new crown moulding we  put in  the living room!

And yes, there was a Christmas mantel.  But Miss Concussion Brain forgot to take a pic!  This is the only pic I took of my Christmas decor.

This is my Christmas napkin wreath!  It's one of the most easiest projects I have ever tackled!

Simply get cocktail napkins (dinner napkins if you'd like) and unfold them.  Next, grab the middle of the opened napkin - like you're going to use it as tissue paper in a gift bag.  Twist the "end" just a tad and tuck it into your wreath!

It'll take 1-2 packs of napkins, depending on how full your want your wreath/the size of the wreath.  Play around with color combos, solids or even a rainbow!

As you can see, for Valentine's Day I merely squashed in a few pink napkins and added a heart!  Since my daughter's craft supplies are basically my only unpacked supplies, I find myself raiding them all the time!  This adds a bit more whimsy than I usually use, but since there IS a young child in my house, it works!

Art in the back was made by my handicapped Aunt, and given to family members one Christmas!
Share a link on this post if you ever decide to create your own napkin wreath!  Maybe in the colors of an upcoming baby or wedding shower?  It's such a cheap and simplistic way to get a lot of "wow!"

Happy Valentine's Day!

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