Monday, May 7, 2012

My Spring/Summer Jewelry Favorites

Greetings, Blog World!  Yes, I've been absent for a bit.  Personal health issues caused me to take a break from blogging for a while.  But now, hopefully, I'm back.  And for SURE I'm full of pictures, ideas and fun stuff.  *smiles*

Let's start with some of this Spring/Summer's "go-to" jewelry for me.

White vintage ceramic clips.

You might as well know.  I don't have pierced ears.  Why, you might ask?  Truthfully, I'm a chicken.  The idea of someone shooting holes through my ear lobes just doesn't sound worth it.  There are so many incredible earrings out there that are CLIP ONS!  *grins*

These white clips seem to go with everything, dressy for church or casual with a "T" and jeans.

Coral colored vintage necklace.

I've had this set of beads for a couple years, but the color this season is sooo IN!  Again, it's an awesome versatile piece.  The fact that they're vintage is just that much more sweet!

Silver butterfly necklace, by Fossil.

When I spied this flutterby with my little eye - I was caught!  Fossil jewelry is new to me and I'm in love!  Their style and quality are simply wonderful.  Every time I wear this piece, I get compliments.  Ladies want to know where to buy it, and are stunned at the design. 

Mint colored fashion Poppy ring, by Love Stitched.

Impulse buy alert!  At first glance, I was hooked on this ring!  Nearly the size of the palm of my hand (not actually *hehe*) this was a must-have.  Just like the butterfly necklace, I get stopped each time I wear it by someone who wants to know, "Where'd you get it?" 

Isn't it nice when other people like your stuff?  *BIG grin*  (Did I mention I bought one in black too?  It was supposed to be a gift.)

And there you have four of my favorite jewelry pieces!  What are YOUR "go-to" pieces this season?  Share a link with me.
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