Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Flight of the Ant

One of the great things about having 2 acres with lots of trees...next to empty fields and other homes on 1-5 acre plots...is the NATURE!  Right now it's misting, and I have my kitchen windows open.  The breeze is blowing through, the smell of rain fills the room and it's quiet.  (Quiet except for my daughter babbling away at her play.)  *sigh*  Now, how long will this blissful peace last?

A few weeks ago, as my daughter and I were walking about outside, we can across one of God's great natural phenomena  - the flying ant migration - or whatever someone official would call it.  *grins*  My daughter said it was baby ants being born, I like her concept.

There was a tree that had been cut down to a stump.  That stump was infested with ants.  Those ants were taking off on a special flight adventure.  Fascinating.

First, there was a troop of ants that would swarm out of the stump.  It was a mass of skittering, fluttery wings.

Next, in a strangely organized manner, the troop would line up single file along the edge of the stump and wait for the breeze to blow them off.  And would fly!  Moving together in a billowing, lace-like cloud.  (Which proved impossible for me to photograph!)

Then, the next troop would storm out and begin the process over again...and again...and again.  We watched for at least 15 minutes as this beautiful act of God's creation took place.  Entranced, my little one barely moved.  I snapped pics in amazement.  We were so blessed to witness the event.  It makes me even more grateful and happy we moved here!

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