Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kids Apron Tie Solution

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So this may be an old trick for you more skilled Mommies, but this is something that just "dawned" on me the other day!

My daughter loves aprons - when she's helping me cook, playing dress-up, squishing Play-Dough - you name it, she's running around in an apron.  But since she's still so little, most aprons are too big for her!  I've tried tying a knot in the neck strap, but she doesn't like that, says it's not comfortable.  *sigh*  Thus, this new way!

Pull the apron up in the front, allowing the neck strap to sag in the back.  
Pull the side ties through the neck strap from behind.

Tie a bow!

And voila!  Your apron now fits!

Go play!

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