Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest Bath Remodel - Reveal!

WARNING: Picture filled post!  *smiles*

So I had this mirror.  I liked the mirror, but the color never seemed to go in my house.  Bring on the spray paint!  I needed something for above the guest room bathroom vanity, and it's a funny space.

This was  my first time to invest in "quality" spray paint...and I'm so glad I did!  The nozzle swivels and everything.  I used fewer coats than the cheapy stuff AND it covered so smoothly, without drips!  Will be buying Krylon for future projects, guaranteed.  


Upstairs bathroom just after we bought the house (less than a year ago.)  
My husband could barely fit in there!  
The space was awkward, a taking pics of other angles isn't easy.

We knocked down a non-load bearing divider wall - between toilet and sink area.  
And tore out a huge cabinet to the left of the door, beside the tub.

Now, instead of a built-in here's what we have!  
(Shelf, hooks and storage cup from IKEA.)

We replaced the old, built-in vanity with a brand new, furniture-style one.
It was snagged at Home Depot on clearance, with a coupon, 
plus an additional 10% off just 'cause we asked the manager!  Yay!

The gorgeous marble top was FREE from the lady who installed our kitchen counters.  
She only charged us for the under-mount sink plus labor.  Wow!

One side of the bathroom has a slanted ceiling - it's the toilet and sink wall.  
It's, well, difficult to work with.  Finding the right light was tricky.

The shower curtain, ceiling light and floors are just my style 
(of course, I picked it all out, duh!) - classic with a vintage flair!
Tile and lighting from Lowes.

Shower fixtures and sink faucet are matching Price Psfister we were given, new in the box!

Now, if it were up to me, I would not have a purple bathroom.  But when that bathroom will primarily be used by your daughter, and she ASKS, OUT OF THE BLUE if her bathroom could be purple...well...

And there you have our guest bathroom!  
A much more open and easy to maneuver space.  Not to mention fresh and more up to date.

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