Thursday, July 5, 2012

Healthy Summer Snack

Plate #1

Plate #2

Fresh.  Alive.  Clean.  Energy giving.  Home-grown.

(Tomato from our organic bucket garden, pickle grown and canned by my Grandma, cucumber grown in our neighbor's garden, organic baby carrots, avocado and raspberries, organic rice crackers with almond butter!)

While everything I feed my family isn't home-grown or organic, I try.  We're certainly not as "green" or "natural" as some, but we've made many choices in that direction.  Often, I say, "If only I ate like I feed my daughter, I'd be a size 2!"

Eating healthy summer snacks has it's advantages, for sure.  But one things I'd found is I feed my little one all the day long.  And I do mean all day long.

Today for breakfast, she had 2 eggs and a piece of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast.  AS SOON AS the last bite was gone she said, "Mommy, can I have a snack?"  Thus, a plate filled just like Plate #1.  

AS SOON AS plate #1 was finished I heard, "Mommy, can I have more snack?"  Bring on Plate #2!  

This was all in a 3 hour period.  Oh, and don't forget the 3 sippy cups that were also downed.  *smiles*

There are days I run out of "good stuff."  There are days I cave, and she has potato chips, or too much fruit or french fries.  But that's not the point.  My GOAL is to feed her well.  And sometimes life happens.

Trying to feed and fill-up an active child with healthy, well-balanced snacks can be difficult!  In the back of my head I can still hear my mid-wife, "Protein!  Protein!  Protein!"  *grins*

Having the time to actually plan snack-time is a dream, huh?  Usually I just grab what's handy.  The weeks I keep quality produce, snacks and meats on hand, she eats well, and I can see the difference in her behavior.  When I let chips and fast food slip in her diet *sigh* not only do I feel guilty, I don't eat as well either!

And what DO you feed a child when you're on the go and raising her gluten, dairy and sugar free?  Uh huh, thinkin' cap/creativity time!  *winks*

Do YOU  have any tips or favorite healthy summer snacks?
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