Friday, July 6, 2012

We're building a deck!

A previous post had deck ideas and inspiration.  And now we're building our own!  Instead of hiring a company, (and yes we got bids, outrageous bids!) my husband asked a group of friends to come help get things started!  With volunteer and paid friend help, we're gradually finishing up!

We're also putting up a fence, just a good-size play-yard for our little one.  Just over two acres of open space is marvelous, but a lose German Shepherd and then a Pit Bull kinda made me want a protected place for my daughter to play.  So excited to have things complete and then on to designing landscaping!  *smiles*

One trouble we ran into was the septic!  
The tanks are exactly beneath where we are putting the deck!
Posts had to be set in different places, etc.

And of course my baby girl got in on the action.  *grins*
More pics of the final product will come, soon I hope!

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