Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FALLowing A Vacation

So part of my silence (again!) has been because I went on vacation!  First to visit with the in-laws and celebrate their 40th anniversary!  (My parents also celebrated 40 years of marriage.  What a blessing for BOTH sets of parents to be together...still!)  Then we traveled next to see my friend and her family - in another completely different State!  Yes - 2 trips, within 2 days of each other.  8 planes later, I'm sooo happy to be home and getting settled in to our old routine.

And on that note...

Why do we ALWAYS get sick from being on a plane?  We used Airborne, saline, extra immune boosting vitamins and lots of hand sanitizer!  *sneeze*

Why does it ALWAYS take my child 2 weeks to re-adjust to life at home?  I know I've heard other Mommies share this same exasperating feeling, but really kiddos...!  *smiles*

Moving on, away from ranting...

Fall was just arriving as I flew to my vacation destination - weather got into the 50's a few nights and stayed in the 70's most days.

I thought I'd share some pictures with you of a bit of "country farm life" we got to experience while staying with my friend.  My daughter surely enjoyed the array of fruit trees and plentiful garden she was allowed to explore and taste!  The goats and calves also added for some new experiences and fun.

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