Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garden Fresh Salsa

So, as I posted a couple days ago, my daughter and I just returned home from vacation.  My friends had a wonderful, wonderful garden going full steam.  The tomatoes were so ripe and begging to be used.

Somehow in all my years, I've never made blender salsa.  This seemed like a task a toddler and Mommie could tackle.  (My friend of one her kiddos also joined in!)

Being away from home, my computer and "regular" internet (yup, out in the boonies!) I turned to my phone for Google.  "Blender Salsa" turns up some significantly different recipes, so I blended my own blender salsa.  Turned out super yum if you ask me...and my friend, and my husband, and my daughter, and...and...*smiles*

Ingredients I used...not measured, but a handful, a dash and to taste.  *winks*

Yellow Onion
Cumin Powder
Garlic Powder

If you're a stickler for exact cooking, here is a marvelous looking recipe similar to what I tried...

Mountain Mama Cooks

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