Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids Get in the Way

All I wanted to do was get my house clean.  Company was coming over and I wanted to "put my best foot forward."  It was one of those "distract my child as easily as possible day" so I turned on Ni Hao Kai'lan, Curious George, Pooh and whatever other "babysitter" that was needed.  But, all SHE wanted was her Mommy.

"Mommy hold me."
"Mommy, come play with me."
"Mommy, sit with me."
"Mommy, rock me."
"Mommy, read me a book."
"Mommy, eat with me."
"Mommy, help  me go potty."

My child was in the way of me achieving my goals.  I had this list of things that needed to be done, and I mean needed.  And there she was, causing me to literally stumble over her.  My little ankle biter was crawling up my legs.  Crying for me.  Begging for me.  Seriously, she was getting in my way!  A couple hours into this that wave of conscience, or better judgement or whatever you call it hit me,

"What better to do with my day then spend it with my daughter?  She is my life's work.  She's more valuable than a clean house or the reputation of being one of those "put-together moms" who has a perfect house."

There I was with a self-conscious need to "look good" for company, while my daughter had a genuine need for some TLC from her Mommy.  This is a lesson that is so hard for me to learn!  

Kids get in the way - but in the way of what?  Yes, my life has to slow down.  Yes, my sleep is interrupted.  Yes, my goals are often put on the back burner.  Yes, that nap or fussy time made me late.  Yes, I was embarrassed at my child's behavior during dinner.  Yes, I don't get to spend as much time crafting or practicing music as I used to before baby.  

But are kids really in the way, or are they helping us get our priorities right?  Do all those little "getting in my way" scenarios help me see my own self-ish, self-centered heart?

If she doesn't do this exact thing, my exact way, at my exact time, there's something wrong with my child - she's strong-willed, disobedient, etc.  Perhaps it's not the child (granted, it might be, depending on the instance!) but instead, is it me trying to live my life around my kid, instead of living joyfully with them?
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  1. Great article...I can totally relate! I think I needed to read this article, because I was frustrated the other day when I couldn't get dinner made without my little shadow wanting all my attention...yet, she is my whole life's work as well, as you put it! Great perspective:)

  2. Glad you enjoyed reading my Mommie Rant! Hopefully it gave you a pat on the back and a "You can do it!" during your day. Thanks for your positive feedback.


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